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Kensington Academy of English
The Kensington Academy of English has two central locations, South Kensington and Notting Hill Gate. Both are close to tube and bus links, making it a 10-minute journey to central London. Notting Hill and South Kensington are both lively areas with cinemas, shops, bars, restaurants and other attractions. This is one of the oldest and most respected English schools in London. It was established 30 years ago as part of David Game College, which is accredited by the BAC (British Accreditation Council) and validated by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). Academic Excellence The school has a permanent staff of experienced graduate teachers with the highest English language teaching qualifications. They are united in their commitment to the students and set high academic standards. Teaching is grammar-based, and student progress is monitored over 5 separate levels. All our teachers have been vetted by CRB.
Property Type: English Language Course
Property Code: 1301
Country: Britain
Area: West London
Location: London
Airport: Distance: 0 km
Railway Station: Distance: 0 km
Beach: Distance : 0 km
Contact Us : Kensington Academy of English
Telephone no. :
Mobile no. :
+44 0207584 7580
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General English

Our General English Courses are for students who wish to improve their English language abilities in the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The School's General English courses represent an excellent choice for long-term students wanting to achieve significant English language progress in the shortest period.

1) Beginner
2) Elementary
3) Lower Intermediate
5) Upper Intermediate
4) Intermediate
6) Advanced
7) Proficiency (please check availability)

GE-15 General English Semi-Intensive Course
GE-20 General English Intensive Course with Fluency Workshop
GE-20 General English Intensive Course with Grammar Workshop
GE-25 General English Intensive Plus with Grammar & Flunecy Workshop

These courses are for students aged 16 years and older and are offered all year round. There are four different variations, characterised by the number of lessons (hours) per week, and also by the nature of the instruction. The School's 'three hour' (GE-15) session includes a ten-minute break. The actual teaching time is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The School's 'one hour' (GE-5) session consists of 50 minutes' tuition. The GE-20 course includes a GE-15 and a GE-5 session. The GE-25 course includes a GE-15 and two GE-5 sessions.

General English Semi-Intensive Course
GE-15 (15 hrs p/week)

This involves approximately 3 hours per day, 5 days a week (precisely 13 hours 20 minutes per week excluding breaks), of instruction. This is the School's main course in general English. Emphasis is placed on all four language skill development areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a balance of language structure (grammar) and practical usage. These courses where possible are offered at all levels. It aims to increase learners' confidence in communicating effectively in English, while ensuring that classes are fun and interesting as well as educationally stimulating.

General English Intensive Course with Fluency Workshop
GE-20 (20 hrs p/week)

This programme comprises approximately 15 hours per week of General English, plus approximately 5 hours of fluency classes in smaller group sessions. These extra fluency classes focus predominantly on the skills of listening and speaking and cover the following areas: pronunciation, functional English, appropriacy of style and register, discussion skills, vocabulary extension, problem-solving and ranking activities, idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms and communication strategies. Please note that the fluency component of this programme, consisting of five hours per week (one hour a day) can be taken separately as course GE5F.

General English Intensive Course with Grammar Workshop
GE-20 (20 hrs p/week)

This course consists of approximately 15 hours per week of General English, plus approximately 5 hours of grammar classes in smaller group sessions. This course aims to improve learners' understanding of the English language by analysing grammatical structures and their uses. Close attention is paid to the control of grammatical forms through a range of activity types including: substitution tables and drills, transformation exercises and presentations of grammatical forms. In addition, free practice activities allow learners to experiment with language points in a more creative manner, involving role-play and simulation, information gap and communicative tasks, and problem-solving activities. Please note that the grammar component of this programme, consisting of five hours per week (one hour a day) can be taken separately as course GE5G.

General English Intensive Plus
GE-25 (25 hrs p/week)

This programme combines a GE-15 session with approximately a one-hour fluency class (Fluency Workshop) plus about an extra hour of grammar instruction (Grammar Workshop) each day. This is a challenging schedule and provides an opportunity for the very serious student to obtain approximately five hours per day of the highest quality English language instruction at a very reasonable price. This course aims to improve learners' fluency, along with increasing their awareness of the mechanics of the English language. For details of the Fluency and Grammar Workshop components see the GE20 listings above.

Students wanting to study short-term courses for six hours per day can also be catered for, subject to advance notification.

All students are tested on their first day at School to assign each student to his or her appropriate level. Students are assigned to one of eight levels: beginner, elementary, lower intermediate, mid-intermediate, upper intermediate, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency. The School's intention is that a class at each level is available, either during sessions 1 or 2, but not necessarily all sessions. Please note that the fluency and grammar components of this programme, consisting of ten hours per week (two hours a day) can be taken separately as courses GE5F and GE5W.
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Student Residences Student residences are available all year round. They are within walking distance of the Colleges or a short tube or bus journey. These are excellent places to make new friends and from which to visit London sights. A Route to University As part of David Game College and the David Game College Group, we offer a wide range of pre-university courses and have excellent links with UK universities. Personal tutors offer guidance on further study. Student Support We offer you support and help every step of the way. When you arrive at school you will receive a folder containing all you need to know about your classes, the school and living in London. If you have any questions, teachers and other staff will be there to help. Whatever you need, we will try our best to assist you.

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